Take Your RCM to the Next Level

When you think of ways you’d like to optimize your revenue cycle management, what are the first things that come to mind? What if we told you to imagine collecting 96 percent of denial recovery while touching less than half of denials? Or to imagine being able to identify that small percentage of your patients who are responsible for your largest percentage of write-offs. Well, now…all of that is possible and more.


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Data Science and Intelligent AI

We recently partnered with Sift Healthcare to make revenue cycle management smarter. By improving claims workflow, reimbursement performance and patient financial engagement, we can help maximize the results for your organization. Through the use of powerful data science and intelligent AI, we can make more efficient use of your data. With it, you can:

  1. Speed up collections from payers
  2. Improve denial resolution and incur less denials
  3. Increase patient collections, engagement and ultimately…revenue

Are you ready for less bad debt, greater efficiency from your human capital and improved collections?

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Unleash the Power of Your Data

Put your data to work today and create a true picture of patients’ submissions, claims and payments across multiple siloed data sources. By leveraging the latest big data technology, this new solution allows organizations to gain deep and actionable insights into trends, all in an easy-to-use analytics dashboard. It brings all of this together on a HIPAA-compliant platform to ensure security best practices.

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Take your revenue cycle management above and beyond what you even thought possible.

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