Expectations of a Modern Patient

In today’s tech savvy environment, consumers are accustomed to simplicity, instant gratification and having the world at their fingertips. It has been called consumerization and it is pervasive across many industries. Patients expect no different from their healthcare providers and because of this the idea of patient engagement has fundamentally changed.

Patient engagement used to mean the patient would receive an invoice for a procedure in the mail after their office visit. Now, it means leveraging every opportunity to interact with your patients before a procedure, at the time of service and post-visit. As you map out the patient experience, there is one element that is key to engaging your patients with meaningful communications: DATA.


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Real-Time Patient Engagement

Being able to make additions or changes to your patient data in real time allows you to provide the engagement that is right for the circumstances. To do that, you will need to adapt your methods of engagement to match what your patients utilize in their daily lives.

Personalized communications via text, emails or even kiosks in hospital lobbies are all part of providing the type of experience that consumers expect. The statements you send should be no different. It’s no surprise, but today’s consumers are well-versed with online shopping.

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Offering a Better Experience

Patients look for a simple and efficient statement laying out the price of each item. They also expect timely updates for all changes. Patients expect that paying their medical bills will have the same great user experience they experience when paying their other bills.

Want to create better patient engagement? Here’s how Wind River can help. We’ll work with you to achieve the following.

  • Provide timely information
  • Offer more diverse payment options
  • Implement modern communications methods
  • Create a great user experience

Healthcare providers that offer the above will encourage patients to pay bills on time or earlier, which ultimately means the provider will get paid faster. Not only does this save time and reduce rebilling, it also makes the reconciliation process go smoother.

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