Payment Processing Solutions Designed for Healthcare

If you operate a clinic or hospital, you know you’re not a typical merchant. There are few other industries in which an organization will advance significant services without some sort of collateral or assurance the costs of those services will be recovered in a timely manner.

Wind River provides payment solutions to over 500 providers and practices today. We understand that patients are shouldering a considerably greater portion of the medical costs. As a healthcare provider, you need a payment solution specifically designed to drive those patient payments. That’s why you need Wind River.


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Our Solution Enables You To:

Make it Easier for Your Patients to Pay

The more convenient you make it for your patients, the more payments you will collect. Wind River enables you to offer patient preferred channels that include:


Collect Auto-Charge Payments

Enabling recurring card payments is ultra-convenient for your patients and ensures that you receive your payments on a regular basis.

Avoid Payment Interruptions from Outdated Cards

You don’t want to disrupt recurring patient payments because of expired or replaced card numbers. Our solution updates your patient’s stored card data automatically so you don’t have to chase down your patients to capture their current card information.

Keep Payment Data Secure

Our in-house data security experts actively monitor your account and will provide the technology and training to help you maintain a proper security posture.

Simplify Payment Reconciliation

Our solution integrates all your payment channels with your EHR/EMR systems to enable simplified back-office reconciliation. This expedites the process and minimizes resource time.

How healthy are your patient payments?

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The Importance of Service

Your Payment Processor Should Have Exceptional Bedside Manner

Setting us apart from other healthcare payment solutions providers is our focus on delivering exceptional service to our customers. Our entire philosophy is based on our After the Handshake Promise. The core of that promise is about highlighting and reinforcing the values of transparency and integrity. Just like in healthcare, positive engagement leads to healthier outcomes.

No Contracts Required

Our retention rate is over 90%, the highest in the industry. The part that really flatters us though is we didn’t get there by holding our customers to long-term contracts. When you work with Wind River, you’re working with us on an at-will basis.

Proactive Support

Your account is assigned a dedicated relationship manager right from the start. That means you can count on proactive communication and 24/7 support.

Ongoing Rate Monitoring

Additionally, you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving the best rates. Your relationship manager will conduct continual qualification monitoring and annual program reviews to monitor your account and alert you to potential savings.

Wind River provides an exceptional service with phenomenal customer service. It doesn’t matter if you are a new client or have been with them for 10 years, they always treat you like you are their most important customer.

Sheila Simpson, Southwest Health Center

The Right Technology

Making Your Payments Process Smarter

Wind River offers a variety of enhancements that drive patient payments and make your day-to-day operation easier and more cost effective. (enhancements and capabilities)

Wireless Card ReadersTake payments everywhere from the check-in desk directly to the waiting area at the time of service.

Contact Cadence Models – Understand the ideal method for contacting individual patients as well as the optimal frequency and most compelling content.

Propensity-to-Pay – Using more that 200 predictive variables, we can enable you to understand which patients will pay, when they will pay, and how much they will pay so you can make smart billing decisions, such as:

  • Which patients will need payment plans
  • Which patients will need a referral to 3rd party financing
  • Who will pay without Early Out service
  • Which accounts qualify for charity

Wind River can provide you the services and technology to accelerate your payments.

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The Importance of Security

Securing Your Patient Data is Vital

At Wind River, we take data security very seriously. Because healthcare data can be extremely valuable in the wrong hands, it can be deadly to both your reputation and your bottomline if it is accessed. In fact, the hard cost to a provider is significant, averaging $355 per record breached. That’s why we have a dedicated team of security professionals assigned to monitor your account and help you maintain a proper security posture.

While most payment processors will mention security, many neglect to put it as a central component of their services. We do. If your current processor hasn’t talked to you about security in the past 12 months, you are at risk of a data breach. Don’t be the next security breach headline.

Our goal is to help you become and stay PCI compliant, and we provide you with the tools and knowledge to do so. Think of us as your data breach emergency kit.

I found them very helpful from the start, and they continue to be helpful four years down the road!
Lori Peer, Beloit Health System

Integrating with Key Systems

Integration with Your EHR

Offering payment acceptance through multiple patient-friendly channels is beneficial in reducing the amount of days your patient bills are in AR. If they’re not integrated with your EHR or EMR, they can be painful and costly to reconcile. Proper integration can significantly reduce the amount of rebilling and duplication, which improves your patients’ overall experience.

By leveraging our expertise, we can show you what is entailed for optimal EHR integration to take place.

As we integrate with your systems, there are several critical steps to take along the way:

  • Review and map out your current processes and data flow
  • Consolidate systems where necessary
  • Identify important data handling decisions
  • Leverage payment technology to reduce complexity
  • Provide focus to save time and effort

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