Leverage Your Patient Data for Maximum Operational Efficiency

There’s no shortage of data available to health systems. The problem is taking all of the disparate data and leveraging it in a way that makes it actionable. On top of that, there are multiple data sources to pull from, and the format this information comes in – even for “standard processes” – varies from vendor to vendor, system to system.


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Multiple Vendors, Multiple Systems, Multiple Problems

Healthcare claims and payments leverage “standard” EDI formats (837, 835, 820, etc.), but there are often different variations of each format. From there, each variation can often make use of available data in a different way. On top of that, patient payment data is often found outside of the EDI system. This payment data comes with its own set of formats.

This means that when it comes time to consolidate all of this information into one place, such as the patient’s bill, many healthcare systems have a difficult challenge on their hands. And this is what happens in a “typical” situation. If a healthcare system has experienced mergers along the way (which is the more common than not) and now manages multiple EHRs, the situation can quickly become untenable.

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Make Your Data Work for You

Mapping data sources. Standardizing data fields. Applying AI to identify patterns. These things aren’t in the realm of expertise for a healthcare system. Nor should they be. But they are in ours!

It’s not just about bringing the data together. That’s just the beginning. You need to make the data work for you. You need to model it, identify the actions to take and connect it all back into your health system’s workflow, easily and efficiently.

Wind River has the resources and technology to optimize your health system data. We can help you bring disparate data sources together and create a single, more centralized resource to improve your overall process. Our expertise can help you:

  • Minimize costs
  • Improve compliance
  • Reduce denials, bad debt and collection efforts
  • Understand patient propensity-to-pay

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